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A spin-off of Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI), Photolitec is a new life-sciences company developing photosensitizing compounds for image-guided photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT is an innovative cancer treatment pioneered at RPCI's Photodynamic Therapy Center.

The compounds that Photolitec is working to commercialize were developed primarily by Ravindra Pandey, Ph.D. while at RPCI. Dr. Pandey is a Distinguished Member of the PDT Center and Director of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at RPCI, and is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Photolitec.


  • Create promising new oncological treatment opportunities for patients.
  • Study ways to improve the effectiveness of PDT and expand it to other cancers.
  • Develop new era PET imaging agents for tumor imaging and monitor tumor response after surgery or chemotherapy.
  • Advance the company’s research and develop new products.
  • To move “from bench to bedside” or from laboratory experiments through clinical trials to actual point-of-care patient applications.